Getting Real The Autoimmune Way              (Digital eWorkbook)
Getting Real The Autoimmune Way              (Digital eWorkbook)
Kiki Dahlke

Getting Real The Autoimmune Way (Digital eWorkbook)

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Easy to follow fill-in as you go Templates and Reference Guide

 It's time to take action so you can reduce inflammation, improve your mental clarity, stop flare-ups, and bloating, and start healing your gut naturally the way your body is intended to.

Getting started and being organized can be the hardest part of your self-healing journey. This eWorkbook takes the guessing game out of what you need to do and how. This digital workbook contains 44 pages of printable quick find references from the main book "Getting Real The Autoimmune Way" as well as easy to follow fill-in the blank templates to keep you organized and make your healing process simple. They are all in printable form that you can store in your binder for safe keeping.  Here are a few of the templates that you will get in:

  • Action plan list
  • A list of powerful Autoimmune foods you are able to consume
  • The full version of the Food Alternative List and a customize your own list
  • Create your own smooth guide
  • Personal home remedies
  • Full daily journal and a progress journal
  • Symptoms checklist
  • Personal Health Goals
  • Menu Planning & Preparation checklist
  • 3 week Menu Plan and Design your own menu 
  • Shopping list 
  • Quick start beginner recipes
  • Master Recipe list (Breakfast, lunch and Dinner) with weekly calendar 
  • Your personal trigger and non- trigger foods list
  • How to design a protocol to fit your own needs 

There's many more easy to follow templates with step-by-step instructions to keep you organize and on track in your healing journey.

Because this is a digital and downloadable product, there will be no refunds once you make your purchase. I guarantee you won't regret it and you'll learn so much about healing your gut and reversing your symptoms of Autoimmune.

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