Achieving Optimal Health             (Digital Books)
Achieving Optimal Health             (Digital Books)
Achieving Optimal Health             (Digital Books)
Achieving Optimal Health             (Digital Books)
Achieving Optimal Health             (Digital Books)
Kiki Dahlke

Achieving Optimal Health (Digital Books)

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Achieving Optimal Health/Beat The Pain
Autoimmune & Menopause
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When we talk about optimal health it’s not just about eating healthy, there are many components that go along with it for overall long-term health. Once you have completely read my “Getting Real The Autoimmune Way - It's time to take control of your health" book, you want to move on to the next phase to create lasting good health. My Achieving Optimal Health/Beat the pain is 2 books in one with over 40 pages that covers everything you need to increase your lifespan and propel your health to another level.
You will learn:
  • Simple ways to relieve joint and muscle pain, avoid stiffness and how to reduce the stresses in life.
  • Why exercise is important for Autoimmune
  • Simple workouts and ideas to help rebuild strength and relieve pain
  • Step-by-Step stretching instructions to relieve joint and muscle aches
  • Managing stress and Breathing techniques
  • Importance of supplements and what you should look for
  • Environmental toxins and plus many more ways to achieve optimal health

This simple to follow guide has a wealth of information to get you on the right track to healing and strengthen your body.

With the purchase of this eBook you will also receive a FREE bonus gifts Getting Real - Autoimmune & Menopause and Beat the Pain eBooks.

  • You will learn how autoimmune can affect menopause and ways you can control the symptoms.
  • How to get through the transition of menopause while dealing with Autoimmune.
  • Dealing with Menopause and the different symptoms you might encounter
  • Home Remedies to ease your symptoms
  • Special diet and the foods you should be eating and much more

Because this is a digital and downloadable product there will be no refunds once you make your purchase. I guarantee you won't regret it and you'll learn so much from my eBooks. Blessings xoxo

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