Getting Real The Autoimmune Way                     (Paperback Book)
Getting Real The Autoimmune Way                     (Paperback Book)
Getting Real The Autoimmune Way                     (Paperback Book)
Getting Real The Autoimmune Way                     (Paperback Book)
Getting Real The Autoimmune Way                     (Paperback Book)
Getting Real The Autoimmune Way                     (Paperback Book)
Getting Real The Autoimmune Way                     (Paperback Book)
Kiki Dahlke

Getting Real The Autoimmune Way (Paperback Book)

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It's time to take control of your health.

(PaperBack Book)

Learn simple steps to self-heal your gut, reduce chronic inflammation and reverse symptoms of autoimmune.  

From the minute you open your eyes in the morning, your joints are stiff, your bones are hurting, you feel sluggish, fatigued and just wanting to stay in bed all day long. As you struggle to get up and make your way to the bathroom, you feel pain shooting through your stiff joints taking tiny steps until you’re able to walk. When you finally manage to start your day, you head to the refrigerator and stand there wondering what the heck to eat.

My friend, you have to start Getting Real. Not only are we surrounded by toxic foods, but also clean foods that are triggering your autoimmune symptoms and causing havoc in your body.

Not knowing where to start, what foods to choose or how to cook is the one area where most people are at a loss. I have seen many people stop eating because they think every food they eat triggers their symptoms, but this is the worse thing you can do for your body.

My question for you is, What are you doing to help your autoimmune? Or are you just living day-by-day hoping it all goes away?

This book is everything you need to start self-heal your gut and start taking control of your Autoimmune Symptoms.

It's time to:

  • ~ Stop those nasty flare-ups and relieve PAIN
  • ~ Improve Mental Clarity  
  • ~ Boost Your Energy        
  • ~ Lose Weight or simply maintain it  
  • ~ Start healing your gut naturally the way your body is intended to
  • ~ Just simply start feeling better 

In this book you'll learn:

  •  What trigger foods to avoid 
  •  What foods you are able to eat that won't trigger flare-ups
  •  Simple ways to Detox your body
  •  Simple starter recipes that are easy to prepare
  •  3 week menu plan
  •  Foods Alternative list
  •  How to prepare and meal plan 
  •  How to start your own tracking Journal
  •  How to design your own protocol that's right for you
  •  Home care remedies to relieve pain and cut down recovery time
  •  How to be on your "A" game and stay super healthy

Of course, there’s much more that you'll learn in this book like simple changes you can make in order to transform your health so you can start enjoying life.   

Paperback book  ISBN # 978-1-7326510-0-5

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A portion of the proceeds will go towards my charity projects that help feed and clothes poor and homeless families. Check out my projects at under "Meet Kiki" tab.

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