Get Real and heal your gut - Bundle ePack  **Best Seller**  (7 Digital Books)
Get Real and heal your gut - Bundle ePack  **Best Seller**  (7 Digital Books)
Kiki Dahlke

Get Real and heal your gut - Bundle ePack **Best Seller** (7 Digital Books)

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Getting Real The Autoimmune Way ePack Bundle

Not only are we surrounded by toxic foods, but also clean foods that are triggering your autoimmune symptoms and causing havoc in your body.

Not knowing where to start, what foods to choose or how to cook is the one area where most people are at a loss. I have seen many people stop eating because they think every food they eat triggers their symptoms. I know because I did the same things years ago, but this is the worse thing you can do for your body.

My question for you is, What are you doing to help your autoimmune? Or are you just living day-by-day hoping it all goes away?

It's time to stop those nasty flare-ups, relieve joint and muscle pain, stiffness, reduce inflammation, boost energy and simply start feeling better.

This digital ePack bundle books are everything you need to know about healing your gut naturally, reversing those awful symptoms and steps to achieve optimal health.

In this bundle you get;

  • Getting Real The Autoimmune Way - It's time to take control of your health.
  • Getting Real The Autoimmune Way - eWorkbook with step by step templates
  • Getting Real - Achieving Optimal Health
  • Beat The Pain
  • Getting Real - Autoimmune & Menopause
  • Getting Real - Smoothies made the Autoimmune Way
  • Getting Real - Detox Teas and Waters

You get 7 powerful eBooks loaded with so much information to get you started on your journey to healing your gut naturally.

This is the best investment you'll ever make for yourself.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards my charity projects that help feed and clothes the poor and homeless families. Check out my projects at under "Meet Kiki" tab.

Because this is a digital and downloadable product, there will be no refunds once you make your purchase. I guarantee you won't regret it and you'll learn so much about healing your gut and reversing your symptoms of Autoimmune.

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